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 "Of all the musical experiences I have had, chamber music and my participation in Elm City are what will stick with me for the rest of my life. People who know how to pick up a piece of music and play together share a special bond unlike anything else. Elm City is where I learned how to love and experience chamber music and form this bond with similarly passionate students."
- Catrina H., 2015 Viola Scholarship Recipient & student at University of Southern California


"I remember Elm City ChamberFest as simultaneously the most challenging and most rewarding music experience I have ever had.  I have been pushed beyond my musical comfort zone before, but only Elm City, with its focus on the intimate chamber experience, provided the support I needed to excel.  I came out of Elm City a better musician."
- Amy G., graduate, Princeton University & MIT


"I’ve been to several music camps and play in a youth orchestra, I love playing the bass and piano. I was thrilled every day to play with the kids and instructors at The Elm City music festival. It was awesome.  I loved this camp especially for the incredible expertise of the instructors. They selected brilliant pieces that challenged me and then showed us all how to play at even a higher level. For me, I improved my musicality.
"Each week we had an ensemble to play in with fellow campers. I was in a trio the first week. Our instructor was Lydia. We were playing a waltz, and she explained to us that in a waltz, it is extremely important to maintain a steady down beat. I play the bass, and at the time I didn’t fully grasp the importance of bass players in an orchestra, and more importantly, in an ensemble playing a waltz. She told me, “In order to sound good there needs to be rhythm. In order to sound excellent, there needs to be beat, and that is exactly what the bass player provides the waltz with.” It took me a while to understand what she meant. I thought perhaps she meant that bass players are there to provide a low, undertone that is the bottom of the chord. Or maybe, I thought, one night on the drive home from camp, she meant that in order to play with rhythm, one must keep the beat. I followed her instruction and as we performed the next day, the rhythm sounded excellent, but so did the beat. I actually heard and now fully understand what she meant. Today, as I play in my youth orchestra, I appreciate the role of the bass on a whole new level.
 Elm City isn’t just a music camp. We did activities other than music like Alexander technique, yoga, and theater improvisation. What was incredible to watch was the how these activities affected us. They were there to help improve our music playing through fun. Because in order to be a great music player, you need to have fun while doing it, and that is exactly what this camp is all about … FUN with music."
- Matt O., Choate Rosemary Hall


"Elm city is a phenomenal camp! They offer a wide variety of beneficial activities such as string orchestra, and private lessons to Alexander Technique for proper posture . Having gone to Elm City for three summers, I have really enjoyed it there and learned more and more each year. Anyone that wants to play chamber music, and/or enjoys participating in a prodigious orchestra should definitely come to this camp!"
- Niles L., student at Manhattan School of Music


"The Elm City Chamberfest has been one of the most memorable music experiences in my 10 year career as both a violin student and mentor.  I attended the camp for two years as a student (once for violin, and the next year for viola), and loved it so much that I came back for a third year as a counselor.  Each year that I came back to ECCF advanced my musicianship, performance skills, technique, and so much more, providing a fun yet intense musical experience that was unmatched by other summer music experiences I had enjoyed previously.  I could not recommend the Elm City Chamberfest more highly"
- Nick S., graduate of Georgia Tech & MIT


"Having attended Elm City Chamberfest as a student and then as a TA, I have been on both ends of the spectrum in this program. Elm City is not only a place where students and teachers come together to play music and put on a spectacular performance, but it is also a place where a musical community is created, where innovative spirit is harnessed within a safe environment surrounded by friendly encouragement and support. I would recommend Elm City to anyone who has a passion for music and a desire to improve his/her musical ability. "                        
- Elena, Babson College


"I have been a participant of Elm City ChamberFest for five years and during that time my knowledge and love for chamber music has grown.  The music that I played at ECCF was exciting and gave me a greater understanding for playing in small ensembles.  ECCF is different from many other summer music festivals because the faculty challenges students while maintaining a supportive environment.  I was also able to explore new interests such as yoga, Alexander Technique, jazz improvisation and African drumming, which all added to my musical experience.  Elm City ChamberFest is truly a unique program that combines an amazing faculty, talented students, and beautiful music."
- Lindsay, student Northwestern School of Music